Satellite School in Prievidza

General information

Address Bakalárska 2, 971 01 Prievidza
Phone 046/542 3056, 041/513 1411 (vrátnica)
Phone reception 041/513 1411
Fax +421-46-542 5255
Head Ing. Jana Magdolenová PhD.
Contact 041/5131400,0905544500
Room 105
Secretary Ing. Monika Peniaková
Phone 041/5131401,046/5423056


doc. Ing. Anna Jacková PhD. 112-DPPD 041/5131422,041/5134409
education: financial accounting, financial and economic analysis, management accounting, legal aspects of business 1, legal aspects of business 2
research: enterprise production factors modeling, optimization of financial structure of company
doc. Ing. Ondrej Karpiš PhD. 041/5131415
Logical systems, Digital computers, Interconnected embedded systems
Ing. Michal Lekýr PhD. A220 041/5131420
Teaching courses: Assembly Language Programming, Computer Graphics, 3D computer graphics
Ing. Monika Peniaková 041/5131401,046/5423056