Deanship of the Faculty

General information

Address Univerzitná 8215/1, 010 26 Žilina
Phone +421-41-513 4061
Fax +421-41-513 4055


doc. Ing. Emil Kršák, PhD.
Phone 041/5134050,041/5134128
Room RA104

Vice-Dean for Science and Research

doc. Ing. Michal Koháni, PhD.
Phone 041/5134213,5134060
Room RA102

Vice-Dean for Study Affairs

doc. Ing. Viliam Lendel, PhD.
Phone 041/5134470,041/5134054
Room RA102

Vice-Dean for International Cooperation

doc. Ing. Peter Márton, PhD.
Phone 041/5134053
Room RA102

Head of Administration and Finance

Ing. Marta Rešetková, PhD.
Phone 041/5134075,041/5134052
Room RA106


Jozefína Štarková
Phone 041/5134051
Room RA105

Office of Doctoral Study and Career Development

Ing. Dana Kršáková
Phone 041/5134059
Room RA108

Office of Human Resources

Bc. Renáta Tavačová
Phone 041/5134058
Room RA107

Office of Study

Mgr. Mária Sičová
Phone 041/5134061
Room RA111
Mgr. Renáta Nováková
Phone 041/5134062, 0917 373 582
Room RA111

Office of Financial Services

Ing. Stanislava Sapietová
Phone 041/5134057
Room RA109

Office of Science and Cooperation with Industry

Ing. Brita Endersová
Phone 041/5134555
Room RA110
Ing. Mária Přikrylová
Phone 041/5134555
Room RA110

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