Department of Technical Cybernetics

General information

Phone 041/5134351
Head doc. Ing. Peter Ševčík, PhD.
Contact 041/5134350
Room RB111
Deputy doc. Ing. Ján Kapitulík, PhD.
Contact 041/5134391
Room RB159
Secretary Mgr. Viera Černeková
Phone 041/5134351
Room RB110


Ing. Lukáš Čechovič, PhD. RB157 041/5134366
Mgr. Viera Černeková RB110 041/5134351
Ing. Michal Hodoň, PhD. RB102 041/5134355
technical means of control and information systems, openHW, educational robotics, global navigation satellite systems, intelligent transportation systems, WSN, IoT, embedded systems
Ing. Martin Húdik, PhD. RB153 041/5134358
Selected lectures on 5IH013 Technical resources and information systems and 5BF007 Electronics.
Exercises from subjects - 5IS007 Distributed Systems, 5IH013 Technical resources and information systems
Ing. Adam Jaroš, PhD. RB155 041/5134390
teaching: adaptive control, digital computers, digital logical systems
research: digital adaptive automatic control, industry control, IoT, logical systems and simulation, modern web applications, design and development of software, consciousness and natural intelligence
doc. Ing. Ján Kapitulík, PhD. RB159 041/5134391
education: embedded systems, computer engineering, digital signal processing
research: real time signal processing, development of children perceptional abilities, acoustics
doc. Ing. Ondrej Karpiš, PhD. RB156 041/5131415
Digital computers, Interconnected embedded systems
prof. Ing. Juraj Miček, PhD. RB107 041/5134354
Teaching: Technical Means of Control and Information Systems,
Digital Signal Processing, Microcomputers
Research: Digital signal processing - Noise shaping, Embedded systems, IoT
Ing. Jana Milanová, PhD. RB153 041/5134358
digital computers
Ing. Veronika Olešnaníková, PhD. RB154 041/5134359
subjects: Discrete systems, Automatic Control Theory
research: WSN, Compressed sensing
Ing. Peter Šarafín, PhD. RB154 041/5134359
doc. Ing. Peter Ševčík, PhD. RB111 041/5134350
education: electrical engineering, electronics, electronic systems, digital systems, Custom integrated circuits design, Applications of the microprocessors implemented into the FPGA devices
research: digital signal processing, FPGA implementation, embedded systems, IoT applications
Ing. Róbert Žalman, PhD. RB154 041/5134359

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