Call for expression of interest in PhD Studies

Topic: Assessment of innovative solutions for the European electricity market

Study Program: Applied Informatics / Intelligent Information Systems

Problem description: To achieve the Energy Union's objectives, the electricity consumers are expected to become more active players in the energy markets; the retail and wholesale electricity markets are to be better linked; the feasibility of new marke tarrangements (including e.g. nodal pricing schemes) needs to be assessed and system adequacy should be met in the face of growing integration of renewable energy sources. Considering this background, the PhD candidate is expected to assess options, challenges and merits of innovative market schemes for the European electricity wholesale market. S/he is expected to carry out desktop-based research and develop methods and tools to study nodal pricing solutions for the integrated electricity market and/or assess the adequacy of the power system via optimization and probabilistic approaches.

Expected outcome: Outcomes will be new methods / algorithms / tools to analyse pricing mechanisms for integrated electricity market, assessment and comparison of pricing schemes.

Prerequisites: MSc. in one of the following or similar fields: Applied Informatics, Applied Mathematics, Statistics, Data Science or Electrical Engineering.

Collaborative Doctoral Partnership (UNIZA, JRC)

PhD topic will be developed within the framework of the collaborative doctoral partnership between the Joint Research Center of the European Commission (JRC) and the University of Žilina (UNIZA). It is expected that the student will start and finish PhD studies at the University of Žilina and will spend a considerable part of the study (up to 24 months) at the JRC in Ispra (Italy). During this time period the student will be paid according to the corresponding grant holder scheme[1][2]. The JRC will also associate with the topic JRC advisor and will provide relevant data and access to the necessary research infrastructure.



Terms and Conditions - FRI UNIZA  

Eligibility criteria - JRC

In accordance with Article 2a) of the GH Rules, candidates should, at the start of the employment contract with the JRC: 

  • have the nationality of a Member State of the EU or a country associated to the Research Framework Programmes. Candidates from other countries may also apply. However, only the Director-General of the JRC may allow their recruitment, following the security clearance and derogation procedure for non-EU country nationals in force at the JRC. COLLABORATIVE DOCTORAL PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT No. 35372 (page 16 of 17)
  • be enrolled in a PhD programme with UNIZA. 

Selection procedure

The selection is made in two phases. 

  • The UNIZA will make a selection process according its internal rules for PhD studiesUNIZA establishes a short-list of two to five candidates per PhD position. 
  • The UNIZA informs the short-listed candidates about the results of the selection and that it will send their application (CV and motivation letter) to the JRC. 
  • The decision on the recruitment of the candidate is taken by the JRC, following the below selection process and in accordance with the GH Rules

How to apply

The electronic application form can be found at:

Application deadline: 31 May 2019
The date of the admission procedure (UNIZA): 24 - 25 June 2019

For more information about the application process contact Assoc. Prof. Michal koháni - Vice-dean for Science and Research - Zvpuny.Xbunav@sev.havmn.fx

Information about the topic and conditions of the doctoral studies within the Collaborative doctoral partnership with the Joint Research Center of the European Commission: Yhobf.Ohman@sev.havmn.fx

Information Leaflet 


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