General information Erasmus+ - SK ZILINA01

Name of the Institution: University of Žilina, Žilinská univerzita v Žiline
Name of the Faculty: Faculty of Management Science and Informatics
Postal address: Univerzitná 8215/1 010 26 Žilina, Slovakia
Erasmus+ Code: SK ZILINA01
PIC: 999969606

ERASMUS+ institutional coordinator:
doc. Ing. Jozef Ristvej, PhD., Vice-rector for International and Public Relations, Tel: + 421-41-513 5130, E-mail: Jozef.Ritsvej(at)
ERASMUS+ faculty coordinator: 
doc. Ing. Peter Márton, PhD., Vice-dean for International Cooperation, Tel: +421-41-513 4053, E-mail: Peter.Marton(at)
ERASMUS+ faculty administrator:
Ing. Jaroslava Benková, Tel: +421-41-513 4451, E-mail: Jaroslava.Benkova(at)

Academic year 2020/21

Winter semester - 21.09.2020-18.12.2020 (teaching), 11.1.2021-12.2.2021 (exams)
Summer semester - 15.2.2021-14.5.2021 (teaching), 17.5.-09.7.2021 (exams)

Academic year 2019/20

Winter semester - 21.9.2020-12.2.2021
Summer semester - 15.2.2021-09.7.2021

Deadlines for application for study mobility
- June 15th (for winter semester)
- November 30th (for summer semester)

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