Graduate prospects


Master´s degree study in the study programme Information Systems prepares graduates to find and present their own solutions in research, development, design and implementation of software tools to support decision making, design of information and computer systems. After graduation, the graduate is competent to lead, adapt and implement modern information technologies in various application areas and to work efficiently as an individual and/or as a team member or a team leader.


Theoretical knowledge, practical skills and competences of graduates integrate field of management, marketing management, economy, economics and informatics with the field of enterprise and design of management systems. Graduates of the study programme Information Management are able to utilise their skills and competences in decision-making processes of businesses, are able to apply modern system information and communication technologies when solving difficult problems of management or using information and communication systems. They are able to demonstrate their abilities in supervisory or management positions in the public sector, manufacturing, trade organisations, and/or service organisations. 


The graduates in Computer Engineering are able to demonstrate their abilities in research and development institutions focusing on the area of computer systems as a solver of complex projects. They are qualified to work in companies dealing with development and deployment of computers and digital systems in all areas of the economy. The graduates are also employable as developers of embedded systems based on microprocessors, FPGA devices and other peripheral equipment. The graduates of the study programme Computer Engineering are ready to continue their third level studies (doctoral study). 


The graduates of the study program Intelligent Information Systems gain advanced knowledge in informatics and are able to utilise their competences at different levels of management in software companies, industrial enterprises, in the educational system, both in public as well as private sector, banking, transport, health institutions, ecology etc. Moreover, they can utilize their knowledge well on the posts of application software developers, systems analysts and programmers. 


The graduates of the study program Applied Network Engineering will find employment on both domestic and international labour markets in various branches of private and public sectors of economy. They are qualified in virtually all industries that make use of methods and means of informatics and information and communication technologies which are to control and manage processes (industrial enterprises, banking, transport, health, educational institutions, etc.). The graduates are prepared to continue their study in doctoral study programmes (the third degree of higher education). 


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