Kalendár pre podávanie projektov

Projekty OP VaI
1. hodnotiace kolo - 31. máj 2016
2. hodnotiace kolo - 29. júl 2016

Nové projekty VEGA
29. apríl 2016 - 14:00 h

Nové projekty KEGA
29. apríl 2016 - 14:00 h

Projekty COST
25. apríl 2016, 17:00 h - text výzvy

H2020 - Societal Challenges
25. august 2016 -  Prevention, detection, response and mitigation of the combination of physical and cyber threats to the critical infrastructure of Europe (CIP-01-2016-2017), Economics of Cybersecurity (DS-04-2016),  EU Cooperation and International Dialogues in Cybersecurity and Privacy Research and Innovation (DS-05-2016)
19. január 2017 - Behavioural change toward energy efficiency through ICT (EE-07-2016-2017), Bringing to market more energy efficient and integrated data centres (EE-20-2017)
26. január 2017 - Innovative ICT solutions for future logistics operations (MG-5.2-2017), ICT infrastructure to enable the transition towards road transport automation (ART-01-2017)
1. február 2017 - Big data in Transport: Research opportunities, challenges and limitations (MG-8.2-2017)
2. február 2017 - Policy-development in the age of big data: data-driven policy-making, policymodelling and policy-implementation (CO-CREATION-06-2017), Boosting inclusiveness of ICT-enabled research and innovation (REV-INEQUAL-09-2017)
14. február 2017 - Robotics Advances for Precision Farming (SFS-05-2017), Smart Cities and Communities lighthouse projects (SCC-1-2016-2017)
14. marec 2017 - Personalised computer models and in-silico systems for well-being (SC1-PM-17-2017), PPI for uptake of standards for the exchange of digitalised healthcare records (SC1-PM-19-2017)


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