General information

Basic Information about the Faculty:



Faculty of Management Science and Informatics is a part ofUniversity of Žilina  (till 1996 University of Transport and Communications). Faculty was established in 1990 by integration of Department of Technical Cybernetics from original Faculty of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering with programme of study Cybernetics in Transport and Communications, further by integration of Department Mathematical Methods and Department of Economy in Transport from the Faculty of Operation and Economy of Transport and Communications and as well from the Institute for Development of Communications.

The Faculty primarily specialises in managing activities in extensive systems. These include problems of managing and optimising the transfer of objects, as well as the designing of integrated interactive information systems for decision making support including economic connections and technical background. There are the problems of control and optimization for transport of subjects (goods, passengers, information), transfer of information, processing of information and design of integrated interactive information systems for support of decision-making including of its economical connections and technical security. The Faculty is interested in control and information systems with application for management, and transport systems from small-sized networks, such as a firm or company, through medium-sized, such as a region, to large-sized networks

Target in the area of science and research is to be productive in the environment for creative activity of the Faculty in science and research for employees and students, as the university education could be provided on the base of achieved results in scientific activities of the Faculty.

Educational and scientific activities consist of:

  • Design and realization of technical means for information and management systems
  • Analysis and synthesis of regulation and automation systems
  • Control and optimisation of goods and passenger transport
  • Creation, control and optimisation databases
  • Management, marketing, logistics, entrepreneurial skills, creation of transport and communication systems
  • Data transmission and data processing
  • Issues concerning multimedia information systems, graphic systems and simulation of components for communication networks, systems and mathematical modelling

Education on the all three levels of study is providing on the base of active participation of teachers, research workers, students and doctoral students.  Students are taking part active on the projects, bachelors and masters thesis, which are connected with scientific orientation of the research groups of the Faculty, University and cooperating organizations.

At the present Faculty provides educational programmes in following accredited programmes of study:

Full time3–year Bachelors Degree programme in:

  • Informatics
  • Computer Engineering
  • Management

The programme is a well-rounded higher education in the 1st degree.

Target in the Bachelors level consists in preparation of experts for application of acquired knowledge in their professional life and at the same time to be able for study in the higher levels (MSc. PhD).

Additional 2 years Masters Degree programmes of study are in the following accredited fields:

  • Information Systems
  • Computer Engineering
  • Management

In the Programme Information Systems there are possibilities for the students to make choice in following Professional Orientations:

  • Systems of Support for Decision-Making
  • Applied Informatics
  • Information-Communication Networks
  • Business Informatics
  • Distributed and Parallel Systems

Target in the Masters level consists in preparation of experts for commanding places in the area of application of acquired knowledge in the praxis, in the research and science and at the same time to be able for study in the doctoral level.

Doctoral Programme

Doctoral Programme is the highest level of higher education. The aim of the Doctoral Programme is to prepare the graduate student for independent, creative scientific-research work by giving the student comprehensive theoretical knowledge and mastery of the methods of scientific work as demonstrated in a given scientific project. The programme lasts three years (full time) or five years (part time). The Doctoral Programme requires 3 semesters of advanced study, satisfactory completion of a comprehensive examination, then, after 3rdsemesters, submission of a written dissertation, based on independent original research that must be a significant contribution to the field of study. Oral examination consists of a defence of the dissertation.  The graduate is granted the scientific academic title „Philosophiae Doctor  (abbr. PhD.)“, which is written in abbreviation after the candidate’s name.

The Doctoral Programme at the Faculty involves the following scientific disciplines:

  • Applied Informatics
  • Management

Target in the Doctoral level consists in preparation of top experts in the area of science and research with the emphasis on the self-contained activity.