ERASMUS+ student mobilities

Presentation of Faculty of Management Science and Informatics for exchange students   - including important dates 

Application for student mobility at Faculty of Management Science and Informatics, University of Zilina

!Send us your Transcript of Records from your study before the mobility application! Some our courses need knowledge based on previous courses studied at your home university. Check list of "required subsidiary courses" in the course information sheets.

University of Žilina - campus map 

Web-map with location of important places in the University Campus and City of Zilina

Public city transport - Guide 

List of courses offered for the academic year 2017/18 

How to find course description (the course information sheet) in English:

1.  go to

2.  choose "Akademicky rok": 2016/17

3.  go to "Studijne programy"

4.  go to "Fakulta" = Fakulta riadenia a informatiky, "Miesto" = Zilina,

    • "Forma studia" = Denne bakalarske studium for Bacheror degree, Denne inzinierske studium for Master degree
    • "Odbor" = for example Manazment or Informacny manazment for Management study program, Informatika or Informacne systemy for Informatics study program, Pocitacove inzinierstvo for Computer Engineering (Automation), Aplikovane sietove inzinierstvo for Computer networks study program

5.  you can choose different year of study – Rocnik – from 1 to 3

6.  you will see list of courses in Slovak language

7.  you can find course that you are interested in by code at the beginning – for example “5BE123” – all codes are in list of courses offered in English from top of this e-mail

8.  click to course name that you found – it will open description of course in Slovak language

9.  click to English version – description in English will be opened

Academic year organization:
Winter semester - from last week of September till Christmas holidays
Summer semester - from middle of February till middle of May

Dead-line for applications for winter semester - June 15th

Dead-line for applications for summer semester - November 30th

Contact person:
Faculty administrator: Ing. Mária Přikrylová, e-mail: Maria.Prikrylova(at)

Note! You can mainly take courses from the faculty of which your home faculty or university is a partner. If you don't know which faculty is your home faculty's (university's) partner, please contact the international office at your home university or Erasmus+ faculty coordinator Peter.Marton(at)