Department of Management Theories

General information

Phone 041/5134451
Head doc. Ing. Milan Kubina PhD.
Contact 041/5134463
Room RB256
Deputy prof. Ing. Josef Vodák PhD.
Contact 041/5134460
Room RB251
Secretary Ing. Jaroslava Benková
Phone 041/5134451
Room RB257


Ing. Jaroslava Benková RB257 041/5134451
prof. Ing. Martina Blašková PhD. RB254 041/5134455
Study subjects: Human Resource Management, Human Potential Motivation, Organizational Behavior, Processes of Human Potential Development, Modelling of Motivation and Motivating Human Potential
Research: motivation, human potential development, decision making, strategic human resource management
Ing. Juraj Dubovec PhD. RB253 041/5134454
teaching: logistics, controlling, theory of firm, operations management,
research: process optimalization
prof. Ing. Štefan Hittmár PhD., MBA RB258 041/5134457
Management, Strategic Management, Projekt of Managerial Systems, Management Games and Simulations
doc. Ing. Radoslav Jankal PhD. RB259 041/5134458
strategic management, quality management, business ethics, marketing tools and applications
Ing. Gabriel Koman PhD. RB253 041/5134454
doc. Ing. Milan Kubina PhD. RB256 041/5134463
education: enterprise information systems, enterprise communications systems, computer networks 1, computer networks 2, management information systems, it service management
Research: business IS, MIS, ERP systems (SAP), business communication systems
doc. Ing. Viliam Lendel PhD. RB252 041/5134470,041/5134054
basics of research, research in management, managerial communication, management 2, decision support systems
Ing. Jana Makyšová PhD. RB253 041/5134454
education: operations management, management of processes, project management, controlling
research: optimization of processes, project management
doc. Mgr. Jakub Soviar PhD. RB251 041/5134462
teaching: marketing, marketing management (strategic marketing), sociology, psychology
research: cooperation management, marketing strategies, market research
doc. Ing. Michal Varmus PhD. RB252 041/5134471
teaching: management presentation skills, marketing, marketing communication, innovation management
research: innovation management, marketing and management in sport
prof. Ing. Josef Vodák PhD. RB251 041/5134460
teaching: Small and Medium Enterprises, International Management and Marketing, Research in management
research: performance management

PhD Students

Ing. Roman Adámik RB009 041/5134022
Ing. Juraj Čerňanský RB009 041/5134022
Ing. Patrik Ferenc RB010 041/5134025
Teaching: Management Presentation Skills, Marketing --- Rearch: Managing relationships of stakeholders of non-productive organizations
Ing. Martin Holubčík RB007 041/5134020
Primary research area: Strategic management of cooperation organizational forms based on synergy effects Subject: Management research, Marketing, Marketing management Key words: management, cooperation, marketing, synergy Bachelor thesis: Analysis of cooperation management for selected company; Proposal of marketing plan for selected company; Proposal of strategic management in connection with development of cooperative relationships with other actors
Ing. Martin Latka RB007 041/5134020
Management, Management communication, Management decision making
Ing. Barbora Línek RB009 041/5134022
Ing. Kristína Poláčková RB010 041/5134025
Teaching: Human potential management and development, Motivating of human potential, Organizational behavior Research: Management decision-making in motivating employees
Ing. Miroslav Rechtorík RB009 041/5134022
Ing. Dominika Špaleková RB007 041/5134020
Subjects: Management, Management decision making. Research topic: Building an Innovative Intelligence System.
Ing. Diana Zraková RB010 041/5134025
Teaching: Management Information Systems, Information Management, Psychology. --- Research: Impact of information and communication systems on reputation management of company.