Department of Informatics

General information

Phone 041/5134151
Head prof. Ing. Vitaly Levashenko PhD.
Contact 041/5134150
Room RA204
Deputy Ing. Monika Václavková PhD.
Contact 041/5134171
Room RA211
Secretary Anna Ilovská
Phone 041/5134151
Room RA203


doc.Ing. Ján Boháčik PhD. RA210 041/5134187
Teaching: Informatics I, Informatics II, Informatics for Managers I, Informatics for Managers II, Practice of Programming I, Practice of Programming II
Research: Data Mining, Knowledge Discovery, Big Data, Fuzzy Rule Extraction, Medical Informatics, TeleHealth
Anna Ilovská RA203 041/5134151
Ing. Jozef Kostolný PhD. RA202 041/5134186
teaching: Informatics 1, Informatics 2, Principles of operating systems, Advanced application development, Software development Project
researcher: reliability analysis, bioinformatics
Ing. Miroslav Kvaššay PhD. RA314 041/5134176
teaching: algorithms and data structures 1, principles of operating systems, programming languages for embedded systems
research: reliability analysis, application of multiple-valued logic in reliability analysis
Ing. Michal Kvet PhD. RA315 041/5134024
teaching: Database Systems, Advanced Database Systems, Hospital Information Systems (project), Intelligent Parking Information Systems (project)
research in the field of temporal database approach, database architectures and performance optimization used in the field of intelligent transport systems and hospital information systems.
Ing. Marek Kvet PhD. RA315 041/5134024
teaching: Informatics 1, Informatics 2, Data structures
research: Intelligent transport systems, modelling and optimization of public service systems, large locations problems solving, metaheuristics
prof. Ing. Vitaly Levashenko PhD. RA204 041/5134150
Knowledge Discovery in Databases, Data Mining, Expert Systems, Programming in C++, Fuzzy Logic , Medical applications
RNDr. Denisa Maceková PhD. RA209 041/5134184
teaching: Applied Informatics in Biomolecular Chemistry, Application of Theoretical Medicine in Computer Modeling
a Human Body, Use of Computer Analyzes in Preclinical Medicine and Diagnostics.
research: Processing and Analysis of Biomedical Data
prof. Ing. Karol Matiaško PhD. RA208 041/5134179
Database systems, Data structures, Programming, Information and control systems, Big Data,
Inteligent Transport systems
Ing. Monika Václavková PhD. RA211 041/5134171
programming, database systems, expert systems, security systems
Ing. Michal Varga PhD. RA324 041/5134183
teaching: Informatics, Data structures
research: Modeling and simulation of transportation systems, pedestrians' movement and behavior modeling, on-line simulation models
RNDr. Peter Varša PhD. RA209 041/5134184
programming languages, information systems, complexity of algorithms, parallel programming
doc. Ing. Michal Zábovský PhD. RA202 041/5134181
courses: database systems, database languages and applications
research: data processing, data analytic, large datasets processing
prof. Ing. Elena Zaitseva PhD. RA207 041/5134189
Teaching: Spreadsheets, Reliability analysis
Research: Reliability Analysis, Multiple-Valued Logic

PhD Students

Ing. Oľga Chovancová RA205 041/5134155
Mgr. Adam Dudáš RA205 041/5134155
Ing. Andrej Forgáč RA205 041/5134155
Ing. Ján Rabčan RA206 041/5134156
Ing. Patrik Rusnák RA206 041/5134156