Department of Informatics

General information

Phone 041/5134151
Head prof. Ing. Vitaly Levashenko PhD.
Contact 041/5134150
Room RA204
Deputy Ing. Monika Václavková PhD.
Contact 041/5134171
Room RA211
Secretary Anna Ilovská
Phone 041/5134151
Room RA203


doc.Ing. Ján Boháčik PhD. RA210 041/5134187
Teaching: Informatics I, Informatics II, Informatics for Managers I, Informatics for Managers II, Practice of Programming I, Practice of Programming II
Research: Data Mining, Knowledge Discovery, Big Data, Fuzzy Rule Extraction, Medical Informatics, TeleHealth
Anna Ilovská RA203 041/5134151
Ing. Jozef Kostolný PhD. RA202 041/5134186
teaching: Informatics 1, Informatics 2, Principles of operating systems, Advanced application development, Software development Project
researcher: reliability analysis, bioinformatics
Ing. Miroslav Kvaššay PhD. RA314 041/5134176
teaching: algorithms and data structures 1, programming languages for embedded systems
research: reliability analysis, application of multiple-valued logic in reliability analysis
Ing. Michal Kvet PhD. RA315 041/5134024
research in the field of temporal database approach used in the field of intelligent transport systems and hospital information systems.
Ing. Marek Kvet PhD. RA315 041/5134024
teaching: Informatics 1, Informatics 2, Data structures
research: Intelligent transport systems, modelling and optimization of public service systems, large locations problems solving, metaheuristics
prof. Ing. Vitaly Levashenko PhD. RA204 041/5134177
Knowledge Discovery in Databases, Data Mining, Expert Systems, Programming in C++, Fuzzy Logic , Medical applications
RNDr. Denisa Maceková PhD. RA209 041/5134184
prof. Ing. Karol Matiaško PhD. RA208 041/5134179
Database systems, Data structures, Programming, Information and control systems, Big Data,
Inteligent Transport systems
Ing. Monika Václavková PhD. RA211 041/5134171
programming, database systems, expert systems, security systems
Ing. Michal Varga PhD. RA324 041/5134183
teaching: Informatics, Data structures
research: Modeling and simulation of transportation systems, pedestrians' movement and behavior modeling, on-line simulation models
RNDr. Peter Varša PhD. RA209 041/5134184
programming languages, information systems, complexity of algorithms, parallel programming
doc. Ing. Michal Zábovský PhD. RA202 041/5134181
courses: database systems, database languages and applications
research: data processing, data analytic, large datasets processing
prof. Ing. Elena Zaitseva PhD. RA207 041/5134189
Teaching: Spreadsheets, Reliability analysis
Research: Reliability Analysis, Multiple-Valued Logic