Lectures of hosting teachers

We are glad to inform you about invited lectures of two foreign colleagues.

Dr. Joanna Kołodziejczyk arrived in frame of Erasmus+  teaching mobility. She is from Department of Artificial Intelligence, Faculty of Informatics, West Pomeranian University of Technology, Szczecin, Poland. She will teach our students on Wednesday, 20.02.2019 at 3 PM in frame of Metaheuristics course (room RB054). For Thursday 21.02.2019, she prepared lecture about SYSABA project - Support system for centers of behavioral therapy working with people affected by developmental disorders. This lecture will be in room RA222, at 2.30 PM.

On Friday, 22.02.2019, professor Vyacheslav Kharchenko from Department of Computer Systems, Networks and Cybersecurity, National Aerospace University„Kharkiv Aviation Institute“ KhAI, Ukraine, will hold his lecture about "Big Data, Internet of Things and Dependable Computing: Pro and Contra". This lecture will be in room RB053, at 11 AM. Prof. Kharchenko is at our faculty in frame of National Scholarship Programme of the Slovak Republic.


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