Department of Mathematical Methods and Operations Research

General information

Head prof. Ing. Ľudmila Jánošíková, PhD.
Contact 041/5134200
Room RA226
Deputy Ing. Tomáš Majer, PhD.
Contact 041/5134250
Room RA310
Secretary Ing. Ľubica Michálková
Phone 041/5134201
Room RA225


doc. Ing. Norbert Adamko, PhD. RA218 041/5134207
teaching: Modelling and Simulation, Discrete Simulation

research: simulation models of transportation systems, modelling of pedestrians' movement and behaviour, on-line/trace-driven simulation models
RNDr. Rudolf Blaško, PhD. RA306 041/5134283
Teaching courses Mathematical analysis 1, 2 and 3, Practice on mathematics, Project 1,2,3, Electronical processing and presentation of documents, leadership bachelor and diploma theses.
RNDr. Zuzana Borčinová, PhD. RA304 041/5134279
algorithmic graph theory, mathematical analysis, modelling and optimisation, unix integrated development environment

operations research, optimization of distribution systems
Ing. Boris Bučko, PhD. RA219 0902507908,014/5134229
teaching: modeling and simulation, discrete simulation, research: information and communication technologies with regard to the direct connection of intelligent transport systems and intelligent manufacturing systems
prof. Ing. Ľuboš Buzna, PhD. RA214 041/5134203
transportation, operations research, modelling of complex systems (
google scholar,
Mgr. Peter Czimmermann, PhD. RA303 041/5134280
mathematics for computer science, graph theory, algebra, information theory
doc. Ing. Peter Fabián, PhD. RA217 041/5134206
international co-operation, internationalisation of education, electronic support of education (e-learning), expert systems, artificial intelligence, computer science and programming, multimedia systems, geografic information systems
tutor of doctoral (PhD) study in Applied informatics and Management
Mgr. Lýdia Gábrišová, PhD. RA305 041/5134285
Teaching: Mathematical Analysis 1 - calculus, Mathematical Analysis 2 - differetial equations, Numerical methods
Research: location problems, design of public service systems
PaedDr. Dalibor Gonda, PhD. RA216 041/5134205
Teaching: algebra, probability and statistics
Research interest: linear programming, transformation of mathematical models
prof. RNDr. Jaroslav Janáček, CSc. RA215 041/5134204,0903736400
• Discrete optimization, BC study
• Modeling and optimization, BC study
• Optimization on networks, Master study
• Fuzzy sets and neural networks, Master studyň
• Metaheuristics, Master study
• Mathematical programming, Master study
• Management science, PhD. study
Optimization methods, mathematical programming, location problems, public service system design, distribution system design, scheduling problems

Ing. Peter Jankovič, PhD. RA224 041/5134213
teaching courses: Algorithms and Data structures 2, Discrete Simulation, Modelling and Simulation
research interests: simulation models of transportation systems, on-line simulation models, improving robustness of schedules, modelling of service systems, modelling of pedestrians' movement and behaviour
prof. Ing. Ľudmila Jánošíková, PhD. RA226 041/5134200
Teaching: Assembly Language Programming, Modelling and Optimization.
Research interest: mathematical modelling and optimization of service systems
RNDr. Alžbeta Klaudinyová RA307 041/5134286
algebra, probability theory and statistics, practice on mathematics
doc. Ing. Michal Koháni, PhD. RA224,RA103 041/5134213,5134060
operations research, optimization of transport networks, mathematical programming, implementation of optimization algorithms
RNDr. Aleš Kozubík, PhD. RA304 041/5134279
mathematical analysis I,II, probability theory and statistics,electronic processing and presentation of the documents
research: actuarial science, insurance risk theory, mathematical modeling of the economic processes, financial literacy
Ing. Michal Lekýr, PhD. A220 041/5131420
Teaching courses: Assembly Language Programming, Computer Graphics, 3D computer graphics
Ing. Tomáš Majer, PhD. RA310 041/5134250
teaching: algorithmic graph theory, cryptography and safety, theory of information
research: operational research, optimization of transport systems
doc. Ing. Peter Márton, PhD. RA102,RA219 041/5134053
teaching: Modelling and simulation (Bc.), Geographic information systems (MSc.)
Research: decision support systems (computer simulation, mathematical modelling, geographical information systems) - application in railway transport
Ing. Ľubica Michálková RA225 041/5134201
doc. RNDr. Stanislav Palúch, CSc. RA310 041/5134250
Algorithmic graph theory, cryptography and computer security, scheduling theory, information theory
doc. RNDr. Štefan Peško, CSc. RA309 041/5134251
game theory, probability and statistics
methods of operation research in transport systems
RNDr. Ida Stankovianska, CSc. RA308 041/5134288
teaching: algebra, probability and statistics;
research: optimization of transport systems
Ing. Milan Straka, PhD. RA216 041/5134210
I work as a researcher at our faculty with a focus on research within the fields of data-science, machine learning, and electric vehicles.
Ing. Peter Tarábek, PhD. RA223 041/5134212
Teaching: Assembly Language Programming, Programming Techniques 1,2,3
Research activities: artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision
Ing. Katarína Zábovská, PhD. RA308 041/5134285
teaching: graph theory, discreet optimization, optimization of networks
research activity: analytical services, artificial intelligence methods, algorithms and their utilization, data processing and visualization

PhD Students

Ing. Marek Baláž RA327 041/5134215
Ing. René Fabricius RA221
Ing. Andrea Galadíková RA327 041/5134215
Ing. Dobroslav Grygar RA327 041/5134215
Ing. Maroš Janovec RA327 041/5134215
teaching courses: algebra, algorithmic Graph Theory
research: operations research, optimization of transport networks, mathematical programming, implementation of optimization algorithms, scheduling problems
Luca Lena Jansen RA221 041/5134210
Ing. Milan Ondrašovič RA221 041/5134210
I am a graduate and also currently a Ph.D. student at the Faculty of Management Science and Informatics with a primary interest in computer vision and artificial intelligence, especially deep machine learning. My final theses in previous years have always been concerned with image processing, namely rectification of perspective distortion from text documents captured by a camera and position estimation of static objects by use of a moving camera. Nowadays I am dealing with object tracking, predominantly applied in traffic situations. Besides my studies, I also work on real projects in the field of computer vision.

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