Department of Macro and Microeconomics

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Phone 041/5134401
Head doc. Ing. Mária Ďurišová, PhD.
Contact 041/5134400
Room RB204
Deputy prof. Ing. Alžbeta Kucharčíková, PhD.
Contact 041/51344401
Room RB209
Secretary Monika Hantuchová
Phone 041/5134401
Room RB203


doc. Ing. Mária Ďurišová, PhD. RB204 041/5134400
Lectured courses:
Enterprise economy, Corporate finance, Finance, Business economics
Research activities:
Effective application of business production factors focused on the enterprise value increase
Ing. Lukáš Falát, PhD. RB211 041/5134425
Teaching: Economic and Legal Aspects of Business; Data, Information, Knowledge
research: decision-making, data analysis, neural networks, experimental economics,
Monika Hantuchová RB203 041/5134401
Ing. Beata Holková, PhD. RB213 041/5134428
Tax and Budget, Legal Aspects of Business 1, Legal Aspects of Business 2
research: an effective tax system
doc. Ing. Anna Jacková, PhD. 016-DPPD 041/5131422,041/5134409
education: financial accounting, financial and economic analysis, management accounting
research: enterprise production factors modeling, optimization of financial structure of company
Ing. Zuzana Kozubíková, PhD. RB210 041/5134423
education: corporate finance, business economics, capital and investment theories.
research: financial literacy, decision making, management and financing business investment.
prof. Ing. Alžbeta Kucharčíková, PhD. RB209 041/5134426
teaching: basic economics, general economic theory, macroeconomics, economic policy for management decision, project 1,2,3, - Business intelligence and human capital management
research: macroeconomic and regional economic performance, efficiency of production inputs at the macroeconomic, regional and enterprise level, human capital efficiency management, business education
Ing. Eva Malichová, PhD. RB214 041/5134409
teaching: General Economic Theory, Basic Economics, Economic and Legal Aspects of Business
research: decision making on investment in SMEs
Ing. Lucia Pančíková, PhD. RB201 041/5134424
teaching: econometrics, forecasting, economic and law aspects of business, business economics
research: statistical modeling and forecasting of economic and financial data
Ing. Zuzana Staníková, PhD. RB212 041/5134407
teaching: basics of economics, microeconomics, economic and law aspects of business,
research: analysis and modeling of economic data
doc. Ing. Emese Tokarčíková, PhD. RB202 041/5134422
lessons &seminars: basics of economics, general theory of economics, microeconomics
research: decision -making of managers ( sustainable development, corporate social responsibility ), multilateral relations of market entities, market diffusion of products,

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