Department of Macro and Microeconomics

General information

Phone 041/5134401
Head doc. Ing. Mária Ďurišová, PhD.
Contact 041/5134400
Room RB204
Deputy prof. Ing. Alžbeta Kucharčíková, PhD.
Contact 041/5134426
Room RB209
Secretary Viera Muchová
Phone 041/5134401
Room RB203


doc. Ing. Mária Ďurišová, PhD. RB204 041/5134400
Lectured courses:
Business Economy, Economic and law aspects of business, Financial Management, Finance, Entrepreneur profession 1, Entrepreneur profession 2.
Research activities:
Effective application of business production factors focused on the enterprise value increase
Ing. Lukáš Falát, PhD. RB211 041/5134425
Teaching: Economic and Legal Aspects of Business; Data, Information, Knowledge
research: decision-making, data analysis, neural networks, experimental economics
Ing. Beata Holková, PhD. RB213 041/5134428
Tax and Budget, Legal Aspects of Business 1, Legal Aspects of Business 2
research: an effective tax system
doc. Ing. Anna Jacková, PhD. 016-DPPD 041/5131422,041/5134409
education: financial accounting, financial and economic analysis, management accounting
research: enterprise production factors modeling, optimization of financial structure of company
Ing. Zuzana Kozubíková, PhD. RB210 041/5134423
education: corporate finance, business economics, capital and investment theories.
research: financial literacy, decision making, management and financing business investment.
prof. Ing. Alžbeta Kucharčíková, PhD. RB209 041/5134426
teaching: basic economics, general economic theory, macroeconomics, economic policy for management decision, project 1,2,3, - business intelligence and human capital management, using of IS to increase economic performance with an emphasis on managing the employment of disadvantaged groups in the labor market and managing the efficiency of human capital
research: macroeconomic and regional economic performance, efficiency of production inputs at the macroeconomic, regional and enterprise level, human capital efficiency management, business education
Ing. Eva Malichová, PhD. RB214 041/5134409
teaching: general economic theory, basic economics, economic and legal aspects of business
research: decision making in SMEs
Viera Muchová RB203 041/5134401
Ing. Lucia Pančíková, PhD. RB201 041/5134424
teaching: econometrics, forecasting, economic and law aspects of business, business economics
research: statistical modeling and forecasting of economic and financial data
Ing. Zuzana Staníková, PhD. RB212 041/5134407
teaching: basics of economics, microeconomics, economic and law aspects of business, applied economics
research: analysis and modeling of economic data
doc. Ing. Emese Tokarčíková, PhD. RB202 041/5134422
lessons &seminars: basics of economics, general theory of economics, microeconomics
research: decision -making of managers ( sustainable development, corporate social responsibility ), multilateral relations of market entities, market diffusion of products,

PhD Students

Ing. Patrícia Jánošová RB011 041/5134405
teaching: Rudiments of Economy research: Sustainable Development
Ing. Dana Kušnírová RB011 041/5134405
teaching: Economic and law aspects of business research: Managerial decision-making about value creation for selected stakeholders in the company

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