Department of Software Technologies

General information

Phone 041/5134101
Head Ing. Viliam Tavač, PhD.
Contact 041/5134100
Room RA120
Deputy RNDr. Hynek Bachratý, PhD.
Contact 041/5134127
Room RA116
Secretary Mgr. Iveta Belošovičová
Phone 041/5134101
Room RA119


doc. RNDr. Katarína Bachratá, PhD. RA115 041/5134332
Courses: discrete probability, process analysis, mathematical principles of computer science, mathematics for computer science, practical exercises in mathematics
research: machine learning in computer modeling of biological process, speech processing, models of stochastic process, theory of teaching mathematics
RNDr. Hynek Bachratý, PhD. RA116 041/5134127
Modelling, simulation and algorithm development for traffic and transportation processes.
Visualization of transportation systems and processes.
Modelling and simulations of elastic objects inside a fluid.
Didactics of Mathematics, e-learning mathematics, mathematical talented students education.
Lessons: Calculus, discrete mathematics, probability, statistics, stochastic processes lessons.
Mgr. Iveta Belošovičová RA119 041/5134101
prof. Mgr. Ivan Cimrák, Dr. RA314 041/5134126
teaching: mathematical analysis 1,2,3, practicum from mathematics 3, mathematical principals of computer science - probability, modelling of bbiomedical systems and processes, tutoring student project: modeling and simulations of biological systems

research: computational modelling of fluid flows with immersed biological cells,
mathematical modelling in biomedicine and biology, more info at webpage of the Cell-in-fluid Biomedical Modelling and Computations Group .
Ing. Michal Ďuračík, PhD. RA113 041/5134115
teaching: informatics 1, informatics 2, web application development, advanced object technologies, C# language
research: source code processing, source code plagiarism, natural language processing
Mgr. Kristína Ďuračíková, PhD. RA124 041/5134131
courses: discrete probability, mathematics for computer science
research: computational modelling of fluid flow with immersed red blood cells, modelling of flow in microfluidic devices
Ing. Miroslav Gábor, PhD. RA117 041/5134129
teaching: Informatics 3, Information and Control Systems in Transport
research: optimization algorithms of transport sets movement on transport networks, modeling and algorithms of information systems in transport
doc. Ing. Patrik Hrkút, PhD. RA113 041/5134121
teaching: web application development, mobile application development, advanced object technologies
research: intelligent transportation systems, source code plagiarism
doc. Ing. Ján Janech, PhD. RA114 041/5134132
object oriented programming, distributed database systems, metaprogramming, VANET, UML modeling, DSM tools
prof. Ing. Emil Kršák, PhD. RA104 041/5134050,041/5134128
teaching: object-oriented programming, advanced object technology, projects
research: distributed information systems, security of information systems, intelligent transportation systems
Ing. Matej Meško, PhD. RA124 041/5134131
web application problematics and development, mobile application development, intelligent transport systems, image processing
Mgr. Peter Novotný, PhD. RA116
Teaching: Mathematics for computer science, Informatics 3, Discrete Probability, Practical Studies of Mathematics 2
Research: numerical mathematics, educational games and contests
Ing. Ján Ružbarský, PhD. RA115 041/5134124
software modeling, software engineering, UML,
object-oriented programming (C++ ,Delphi),
algorithms and program support of optimization problems in transport
Mgr. Monika Smiešková, PhD. RA315 041/5134123
teaching: mathematics for computer science, discrete probability
research: computational modeling of blood cells immersed in fluid flow with biomedical applications
Ing. Viliam Tavač, PhD. RA120 041/5134125
Teaching: Informatics 3 (C++), Basic Windows Programming Research: Information System Architecture
Ing. Marek Tavač, PhD. RA114 041/5134130
teaching: software engineering, software modeling, advanced software technologies, projects
research: transportation ICT, modeling, software development
Ing. Štefan Toth, PhD. RA124 041/5134113
teaching: informatics 1, informatics 2, C# language and .NET, advanced object technologies, projects
research: intelligent transport systems, VANET, image recognition, natural language processing, internet of things

PhD Students

Mgr. Alžbeta Bugáňová
teaching: Mathematical analysis 1.; research: Computational models for computer-aided research in BIOMEDICNE
Mgr. Samuel Molčan RA316
Ing. Adam Mračko RA316
Ing. Michal Mulík RA316 +421948652144
Ing. Dominika Petríková RA316
Ing. Lucia Piatriková RA316

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