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Head doc. Ing. Pavel Segeč, PhD.
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Room RB354
Deputy Mgr. Jana Uramová, PhD.
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Room RB360
Secretary Mária Liskayová
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Ing. Ivana Brídová, PhD. RB360 041/5137760
teaching: Information Systems Architecture, Principles IKS, Introduction in study - exercises
research: work on projects
prof. Ing. Matilda Drozdová, PhD. RB305 041/5134334
Teaching: Information Systems Architecture
Research: Security Architecture, Model Driven Development and Requirements Engineering
Vladimír Frnčo RB355 041/5134322
Ing. Petr Ivaniga, PhD. RB357 041/5134317
learning: Principles IKS
research:Transmission systems, diagnostics transmission networks, information networks.
Ing. Roman Kaloč, PhD.
prof. Ing. Martin Klimo, PhD. RB308 041/5134300
Martin Klimo received his diploma in telecommunication engineering from the University of Transport and Communication (UTC) Zilina in 1973. From 1973 to 1990 he was an Assistant Professor on Technical Cybernetics at UTC. Since 1990 he worked as Associated Professor and in 2005 he was appointed professor in Applied Informatics.
His research interests include communication theory, queuing theory and fuzzy logic implementation by nanotechnology. He focused to these disciplines from speech point of view: packet networks performance for voice transmission (VOIP quality), text-to-speech systems, and speech recognition. His actual interest is memristor based fuzzy computing. He participated in the projects: COPERNICUS #62, COST 242, COST257, EURESCOM P1112, COST 279 COST 290, VEGA 1-2039-5, and he was reviewer of the EURESCOM projects P603, P806-GI and P 906-GI. Now he participates in the project Scientific Park of Zilina University, APVV 14-0560 and COST MemoCIS IC1401. He participated in ETSI Speech Transmission Quality group, and he was the national delegate in ICT Committee FP7, actually in ICT Committee H2020.
His education interests include education in networking and communication theory. He participated on 3 TEMPUS projects e.g. “Master Degree Programme in Telecommunication Informatics”, Leonardo projects “European Computer Networking Licence Supported by E-learning”, and “HELEN - The European Learning Network”. He provides university courses in Networking theory, Communication theory and Principles of Informatics. His 15 PhD. students have been graduated.
He is author of 3 books, 32 journal articles and 52 other papers.
References related to the recent research:
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[15] Fratrik M., Klimo M., Skvarek O., Such O.: Memristive Sorting Networks, E-MRS 2014 Spring Meeting, Symposium S, Memristor materials, mechanisms and devices for unconventional computing, Lille, France, will be published in Physica Status Solidi C.
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Ing. Martin Kontšek, PhD. RB358 041/5137769
Teaching: Computer networks 3, Network operating systems, Algorithms in networks
Research: Routing and Switching in IP Networks, Routing protocols, Cloud Computing
prof. Ing. Tatiana Kováčiková, PhD. RB307 041/5134335
Research Areas: Intelligent Transport Systems, C-ITS, Architecture and applications for C-ITS, eCall, ITS standardisation
Mária Liskayová RB353 041/5134301
Ing. Ľudovít Mikuš, PhD. RB357 041/5134317
Learning: introduction in study - exercises
Research: e-learning, security is
Ing. Marek Moravčík, PhD. RB358 041/5131767
teaching: computer networks 1, 2, 3; design of networks 1, 2; network integration; communication technologies; network operating systems; project 1, 2, 3; Linux - essentials; Python in network applications
Research: Cloud Computing, routing and switching in IP networks, converged networks
doc. Ing. Jozef Papán, PhD. RB358 041/5134318
Teaching: Securing networks with Fortinet (Fortinet Academy), Principles of ICS (Cisco), Network Architectures (Linux + Networks)
Research: IP Fast Reroute, Fault-Tolerance, protocols and services in IP networks, WSN, IoT, modeling and simulation of computer networks.
doc. Ing. Pavel Segeč, PhD. RB354 041/5134323
teaching: computer networks 1,2 and 3, design of networks 1 and 2, security of computer networks, communication technologies, project 1,2 and 3, advanced routing, advanced switching.

research: packet routing and switching, protocols, technologies and services of IP networks, IP and multimedia communication platforms, converged networks, theirs architectures, protocols and services (NGN/IMS), cloud and NFV, securitz of computer networks.
Ing. Ondrej Škvarek, PhD. RB359 041/5134327
Lessons: principles of Info-communication networks, computer networks 1 and 2, communication technologies, optimization of converged networks, project 1 and 2
Research: pattern recognition (video, speech, attacks in computer networks), machine learning, neural networks, memristor based fuzzy computing, speech synthesis, modeling and simulation of computer networks
Mgr. Juraj Smieško, PhD. RB306 041/5134306
teaching: mathematics for informatics, discrete probability, theory of information networks, theory of queueing, process analysis, multivariate data analysis
research: modeling and dimensioning of IP networks, time series analysis, multidimensional data recognition, mathematical methods of IP network attack detection, parametric methods of machine learning
doc. Mgr. Ondrej Šuch, PhD. RB359 041/5134327
teaching: communication theory.
research: speech recognition, artificial intelligence, computer vision, deep learning, high performance computing
Mgr. Jana Uramová, PhD. RB360 041/5131764
Lesson: Principles of information-communication networks, Computer networks 1 and 2, Theory of information networks, Projects for diploma thesis (1-4)
Research: Network security, Creating custom IDS datasets for IDS systems testing and training, effective network monitoring methods, intrusion detection methods and network traffic archivation; routing and switching in IP networks, protocols, technologies and IP networks, modeling and simulation of computer networks

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