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The graduates in the bachelor′s study programme Informatics acquire basic knowledge of informatics. They are able to work with soft ware of information systems in businesses, and to participate in its creation and implementation; they also gain knowledge of how to run a business. They are employable in all sectors of industry, public administration, the private sector and as sole traders. The study programme prepares experts in computer technology who are able to apply modern information technologies, and creates conditions for their further qualifi cation growth in the fi eld of informatics during the master′s degree studies.


The graduates in the bachelor′s study programme Management acquire key knowledge, skills and competences in the fi eld of management disciplines. They are employable as senior employees (managers) at lower and middle level management of both production and service organisations. They are qualifi ed professionals able to analyse existing problems in the systems of management of organisations, prepared to design their solutions creatively, able to improve and optimise processes in organisations in order to create new values and to achieve synergies and strategic competitive advantage.


The graduates in bachelor′s study programme Computer Engineering are prepared to continue their study at the master level or they are employable in enterprises and institutions in the design, implementation, operation, and maintenance and upgrading of computer systems, means of communication technology, industrial automatization, measurement and diagnostic equipment and the like. They are experts in the development of digital systems based on microprocessors and programmable devices which allow them to perform well as developers, designers, or technologists.


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